Instant Lawn services in Pretoria

  • We are growers and  suppliers of LM and Kikuyu Instant Lawn.

  • For delivery or installation of lawn, we will be pleased to be at your service no matter how big or small.

  • Installation is done under personal supervision and includes preparation of soil, fertilizer, planting of grass, rolling and watering.

  • Customer service and satisfaction is our priority.

  • Please feel free to phone for personal advise regarding the maintenance of your lawn.




500mm x 1000mm
2 rolls = 1m²
Suitable for Full Sun areas




500mm x 1000mm
2 rolls = 1m²
Suitable for Shade and Full Sun areas




25kg Bag cover +/- 15-20 m²
Slow Releasing Fertilizer


For free quotations and advice contact Lynette Strauss (Office) 082 697 8090 or Ruann Stauss 082 064 9075


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